Signs and Wonders (a 5-part study)

Counterfeit products are a major problem for manufacturers such as Nike, Puma, Samsonite, etc. The counterfeit product is so well made that most buyers accept it as the genuine article. Only a trained eye can detect the difference between the counterfeit and the genuine. In the movie 'Catch Me If You Can' (based on a true story), Leonardo DeCaprio plays the part of a sophisticated criminal whose skill in producing counterfeit cheques results in him accumulating millions of dollars before he is finally caught.

The Bible has much to say about deception by false prophets, signs and wonders. Our safeguard against being led astray is to have our faith anchored in the living Word of God.

Jesus said that within the kingdom of God there exist "wheat and tares" and "sheep and goats." There are genuine and counterfeit Christians, as well as genuine and counterfeit doctrine and genuine and counterfeit signs and wonders. Since the possibility of being deceived is real, we must exercise discernment lest we be led astray. When genuine signs and wonders occur, no one is left in any doubt that a supernatural event has taken place. Even those who denied God acknowledged his miracles.

There is no doubt that God wants us to live pure lives and has provided divine power for that purpose. Then why do we fail so often? If God is so powerful why as we doing so badly?

The presence of miracles in the early church is undeniable. Yet miracles were not the norm; they were the exception. In the entire Bible we see miracles occurring only occasionally. Over the centuries clusters of them are found and they attracted attention because they were unusual. If, for example, miracles occurred every day of the week, they would be so commonplace that no one would take much notice of them.